Bahamas Renewable Energy Self-Gen Regs

Bahamas solar panels
Maintaining the solar panels.

 Bahamas Renewable Energy Self Generation Program

Under the Electricity Act and Regulations amendments made in 2015 the option was made available for customers to have Grid Tied Renewable Energy (RE) systems.

However these modification also require that these systems be subject to an application, inspection and approval process. This approach has been established to ensure that  amongst other factors, public safety is maintained for both the customer and the general public. Therefore, all systems whether existing or being planned must obtain    approval in accordance with this  process.

Operating a grid tied system without following the registration, application and inspection process required, can result in fines, disconnection from the grid or both.

Additionally all electrical wiring installations are required to be inspected and approved by the Ministry of Works Electrical Inspection Section and all Off Grid Systems must also go through a similar application, inspection and approval process.

Starting May 11, 2015 registration of existing systems will begin and will include both Off Grid and Grid Tied systems  (download registration docs). This is to determine the level of renewable penetration throughout The Bahamas and to compile these vital statistics to aid in future planning. Registration of systems would also insulate registrants from the penalties under the modified laws during the registration and subsequent application process.

After the registration process the application phase will begin for both existing and new systems. This phase will require the payment of a non-­refundable application fee of $50 for residential and $100 for small commercial installations.

All grid tied customers will be required to sign a grid interconnection agreement outlining the terms and conditions of the arrangement. Additionally, all approved systems will be issued an RESG Certificate indicating that the system has obtained all the required approvals.


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